Regardless of what a person has been told, research shows sun exposure can have an effect on natural skin, and skin treated with facial fillers.


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The ultraviolet radiation present in sunlight can degrade hyaluronic acid, one of the components found in many popular dermal fillers such as Belotero® and Juvèderm®. Ultimately, sun exposure can reduce the intended effects of fillers, or could worsen skin as it reacts to the treatment during the healing process. Therefore, patients considering dermal filler treatments need to bear this in mind. Following are some tips regarding the DOs & DON’Ts of exposing your skin to the sun after receiving facial fillers.

After having dermal fillers, DO…

  • Try to stay out of the sun for at least a week after treatment- This allows your skin to properly react and fully benefit from the treatment.
  • Cover your face to avoid sun exposure if you have to go outside- The suns radiation can lead to skin damage and sun burn.
  • Wear a high SPF sun screen to protect your skin if you must go outside.
  • Make use of a topical antioxidant- This helps to fight free radicals.
  • If you want the “look” of a tan, make use of tanning sprays, but WAIT 1 DAY after your treatment, so that pores and injection sites can heal and close back up.
  • Follow your cosmetic surgeon’s aftercare recommendations so that skin has the proper time to heal and obtain the beautiful results you desire.
  • See your surgeon right away if you suspect sun burned skin, or should you develop complications from facial fillers.

And most importantly, DON’T…

  • Attempt to get a tan if the filler treatment has left a bruise- doing so could lead to long term darkening of the skin. It’s best to wait a week or so after a facial filler treatment before looking to get a natural tan.
  • Use tanning beds at all. Tanning beds are not a good idea whether people have fillers or not.
  • Directly expose your treated skin to the sun for more than 20 minutes. It’s important to keep the skin covered.
  • Assume you can handle any complications that may develop from treated skin exposed to the sun; see your doctor right away if you start to have concerns.

Facial filler treatments are a wonderful way to refresh and revitalize aging and gaunt-looking skin. Many patients report looking and feeling younger; as well as, having a boost of confidence. Consulting with Dr. Patt and the staff of Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is your first step towards the new and improved YOU. Schedule an appointment.

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September 15 2016 |

Botox, sun exposure, facial fillers

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