Women, and men, of today want to look good and maintain a healthy lifestyle, even as they age. One trend that is sweeping the nation is the Botox party. Botox is now recognized as one of the most popular, safe, effective, and affordable ways for people to ‘age gracefully’. Since it has become especially popular in the Houston area, you may also be considering going to a Botox party since you received that tempting invitation. However, as wonderful as the invite sounds, you may be wondering… Is a party safe? What occurs during the party? Or, Is it even legal? The following tips and information provided below will hopefully help you make a wise choice about if and when you should go to a Botox party in Houston.

The Botox Party Hoopla

Botox is a product used for cosmetic procedures. Women and men often choose this option to remove facial lines and wrinkles, to get a smoother and fuller appearance. In some cases, even “Thirty-Somethings” are choosing it because they believe it can help prevent early signs of aging. While the product only provides results lasting up to about 4 months, it is quite popular because it is safe and effective, only if treatments are performed in the right environment.

A Botox party can save time, as you can go with a group of friends to a specialized Spa Day in a cosmetic treatment facility, versus setting an appointment and waiting to go individually. You also save money because your doctor or cosmetic technician will be running discount specials during these party events. You will also get a host of other gifts and special offers to help your treatment last a long time.

The Dangers Of Home Botox Parties

Before you decide to attend or host a party, it’s important to be aware of all the potential complications.
#1 Botox is not a cosmetic similar to trying a new lipstick or a new foundation. The product, also known as OnabotulinumtoxinA, contains the same bacteria that can cause botulism. The treatment works by blocking the nerve activity in facial muscles, causing them to relax. When muscle activity is temporarily reduced, lines and wrinkles in your face will be reduced.

#2 Another tip that patients should know is that Botox is not for everyone; since the toxin can cause a wide range of side effects, without any initial consultation before treatment, problems may occur even when it is administered in a sterile, medical setting.

#3 You may experience pain or weakness where the Botox is injected. You may also experience bruising or headaches. While it is not as common, your eyebrows or eyelids may droop. You may also experience flu-like symptoms, such as stiff muscles, a sore throat, runny nose, cough, or fever. You may feel tired, drowsy, or dizzy after the injection. If your Houston Botox party is not in a doctor's office, you could put yourself in more danger of developing an infection.

When Is A Houston Botox Party OK?

Cosmetic surgeons are only supportive of Botox parties under certain conditions that will help maintain your overall health and safety. In the party setting, Houston clinicians understand that patients may feel more comfortable, and less nervous, when they are treated in a similar atmosphere amongst family and friends.

It’s OK to attend a Botox party when…

- You have first consulted with your cosmetic surgeon or physician, and have been made aware of all of the possible risks, complications, and possible side effects of the treatment through that initial consultation. Only a cosmetic surgeon or physician will be able to provide medical advice as to if Botox could be beneficial to you. Botox should not be used by women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning a pregnancy in the near future. Also, patients that have any kind of serious medical condition should not have the treatment without initial doctor's approval.

- You have signed a consent form to have the procedure performed on your skin, and/or you have signed a waiver form.

- You are the right age. Most patients in their teens, twenties, or most early to mid-thirties do not need Botox treatment. If your doctor does not recommend you having the treatment because you are too young, or do not need it, then you should not participate.

- You have checked with your insurance company to see if you are medically covered should you develop complications from the treatment procedure.

- The procedure is performed by a professional, licensed cosmetic physician or clinician who medically administers the drug as an injector.

- You will receive instructions on after-care and the recovery process after you’ve received the treatment. This information will help you know what to expect and how to treat your skin while it heals.

- The environment is medically clean, sterile, and permitted to provide such treatment procedures. It is vital that the facility where the Botox is being administered is a safe environment, and that neatness and sterilization are regarded in the highest priority. Those running the clinic or cosmetic facility should be willing to take these health precautions seriously.

- There is NO alcohol or other drugs ingested and consumed before, during, or after your treatment; as alcohol and certain OTC meds can cause adverse effects with Botox. Substances and products can interfere with healing. Medications that thin the blood should be avoided two weeks before and directly after injections. As many natural supplements can cause bleeding and bruising, too, supplements should also be avoided. It’s also important not to use alcohol, tobacco products, or spicy foods. Bruising can become worse, and your recovery time will be longer.

If you want the safest experience with the best results, talk to your Houston doctor before attending a Botox party. He or she may advise you to have the treatment done in the office first to see if it works for you, as well as to check to see if you have any adverse reactions to it.

Ultimately, under the right conditions, Botox parties are safe, effective, and fun; especially because you get to share the experience with family members and friends. As an added bonus, you come out with a smoother and younger appearance that lasts for several months.

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