Women throughout history have wanted to look as wrinkle-free as possible. They've tried the nothing-but-soup diet, plastering faces with lead-vinegar paste, and soothing milk baths; however, Botox® was the first truly effective anti-wrinkle treatment. Researchers had been investigating the numerous beneficial effects of botulinum toxin type A since the 1950s, but it wasn't until the 1990s that Botox® became an accepted treatment for wrinkles.

Botox® became so popular that it was abused. People held "Botox® parties" where a medically untrained person would give injections to anyone and, not surprisingly, there were problems. Injections are a carefully planned medical procedure, not a party trick. Eventually, there was a backlash, although Botox® was, and continues to be, tremendously popular.

The Most Popular Anti-Aging Treatment for Women of All Ages

Instead of disappearing, Botox® is no longer regarded as just a celebrities-only treatment, or just for aging and wealthy women. This minimally invasive procedure is the most popular anti-aging treatment for younger women, men, and the everyday professional; and with more than 6.7 million treatments performed in 2015, Botox® has gone mainstream.

Today, 30% of those receiving Botox® treatments are women in their 20s. They are using the procedure as a preventative measure to avoid fine lines and wrinkles rather than treating them after they appear. There are many new and innovative anti-aging procedures available, but Botox® is highly regarded for its effectiveness. With that in mind, it doesn’t appear to be growing “old”, but rather leaving a legacy for generations to come!

Will Botox® Creams Replace Injections?

There are new creams available containing botulinum toxin A, and moisturizers or other ingredients that are said to act as fillers. So far, the results aren’t becoming apparent for up to a month after initial application, compared to the five to seven-day results from the injections. These creams are fairly expensive, new to the market, and long-term results are not yet known.

Professional Experience Matters

The most important consideration people have when choosing a plastic surgeon is experience. Dr. Bradford S. Patt has been providing Botox® Houston and other skin treatments for nearly 20 years. For the past 11 years, this board-certified specialist in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery has also been honored in “Super Doctors®” as one of the best in the state of Texas.

Dr. Patt and his team at Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery are committed to providing each patient with individualized attention and the most advanced treatments. Comfort and results are always a top priority. To schedule a consultation with this experienced surgeon, call (281) 552-8111 today.

August 25 2016 |

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