People decide to have botox injections for a variety of reasons. Many individuals understandably have questions and concerns. It is only natural to want a lot of information before committing to this procedure.

The biggest concern for most people is safety. Any medical procedure will come with some degree of risk. However, people greatly increase the risk of complications by choosing an unqualified doctor, or having the procedure done at an informal home party. Among other things, someone who is inexperienced may not place the injections in the correct spot, and that is when people experience problems. As long as the patient is under the care of a qualified, experienced doctor, who administers the treatment in an appropriate licensed facility, this is a low risk, safe procedure.

Following the treatment, it is common to have slight swelling and bruising around the injection sites. Others have reported headaches and flu-like symptoms, but these are minor, temporary side effects. The best way to find a qualified doctor, is for patients to request a referral from their primary physician.

Behind safety, another concern is cost. The price of botox injections varies quite a bit, depending on the doctor's level of experience. Most treatments average around $400 per session, while more renowned physicians may charge a higher rate. Since quality results are important, many people do not mind paying a higher price.

Many people choose these injections for cosmetic reasons, so naturally they want to know how soon they will see results. Most patients report a noticeable softening of lines sometime between two and four days after treatment. Full results usually occur near the two week mark. While everyone is different, this is an approximate time line.

Another concern is length of results time. People want to know how long their botox injections will last. If an experienced, skilled doctor performed the Botox procedure, results should last between three and four months. Once again, every person is different so there is no definite answer, however this is the general time line.

November 30 2015 |

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