Electrolysis used to be the preferred method for hair removal before laser hair removal existed. Both methods require numerous treatment sessions, however they differ in many ways.

Laser hair removal treatments can treat several follicles simultaneously, because the light is exposed to skin that has numerous hairs on it. Electrolysis sends an electrical charge to each specific hair, one by one, and many people complain that it is uncomfortable. In contrast, lasers may cause your skin to feel like it is mildly sunburned, but it is relatively painless.

Laser hair removal involves exposing the hair on your body to a laser light, with the aim of painlessly damaging the hair follicle to prevent regrowth. Due to the hair growth cycle, multiple sessions are necessary, but generally speaking, most individuals can expect hair growth to stop after six sessions on average.

Laser hair removal is most suitable for people with specific hair and skin coloring. Our skin contains melanin which produces pigment, and darker skin contains more melanin. If the hair that you wish to treat with laser removal techniques is lighter in color than the skin that surrounds it, your hair will absorb less heat than your skin, and may make for an ineffective treatment. As a general rule with laser hair removal, hair that is darker in pigment than the surrounding skin will yield better results. People with dark hair and light skin will need fewer treatments and less time to see results. The bigger the contrast between hair and skin color ensures that every follicle of hair beneath your skin is easier for your doctor to find with the laser. Laser hair removal works best if you have healthy skin and adhere to all of the post-treatment recommendations.

The cost of laser hair removal varies from practice to practice, but it is important to trust your skin to medical experts who have been specially trained on these high-tech machines, to avoid being burned and to achieve the best results. Although patients often need up to five or six treatment sessions for satisfactory results, an upper lip will probably need fewer sessions than the chest, legs or back. Since multiple sessions are required in order to treat each area due to the hair growth cycle, now is the ideal time to begin treatments to get “beach ready” for summer.

Call us today to schedule your laser hair removal session. You’re going to love never having to shave again!

May 06 2015 |

Cosmetic Surgery, Laser Hair Removal

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