Over the years, rhinoplasty has been used to change the shape of a nose for aesthetic purposes. People also get nose jobs to restore the shape of their nose or to fix constricted breathing. There are even plastic surgeons who deal with ethnic rhinoplasty.

What Exactly is Rhinoplasty?

Statistics have shown that rhinoplasty is the second most popular cosmetic procedure in the USA. Surgeons reshape the nose for either or both aesthetic and corrective reasons.

The surgeon may enlarge or reduce the size of the nose. Reshaping the bridge of the nose and nose tip is also a common request.

Around 15% of nose jobs will need revisions. The majority of revisions will be for cosmetic issues such as a twisted nose tip for functional purposes like having difficulty breathing. A revision procedure is more costly and complicated than a regular nose job.

Who Are The Best Rhinoplasty Candidates?

Listed below are some characteristics good candidates for rhinoplasty may have:

  • Their current nose makes them self-conscious or unhappy.
  • They may be unhappy with the way their nose has changed as they have gotten older.
  • They have a deformity which needs correcting.
  • They are well-adjusted and have reasonable expectations of the surgery. The best candidates want to improve the way they look, not look perfect. They are otherwise happy with their life and do not expect a nose job to change it significantly.
  • They are the right age. While younger people do get nose jobs, it is best to wait until at least the mid-teens to get the procedure. The reason for this is that the nose stops growing and changing significantly at this age.
  • They understand what is involved with the procedure and prepare for it accordingly. For example, workers will need to take time off after the surgery to recover.
  • They are aware of any medical conditions and allergies they may have and have informed their surgeon. This reduces the risk of having a reaction to anesthetic and medications.

What Makes a Good Plastic Surgeon?

As there are so many surgeons out there, patients may be wondering what makes a good plastic surgeon. The answer to this question is simple - qualifications, training, experience and a good bedside manner.

The best plastic surgeon will be able to tell patients what to expect from surgery and recovery. He or she will also be honest if they believe the client has unrealistic expectations.

Sometimes additional procedures will be required to balance the new nose with the face. This issue should be discussed at the initial consultation. As should any questions the patient may have about surgery and the rhinoplasty recovery period.

When patients get a quote, they should check the cost of future revisions. If a patient cannot afford the surgery right away, they may need to get a loan. In this situation, the surgeon may be able to recommend a lender. Many plastic surgeons have financing options available for clients.

If you are considering a rhinoplasty procedure, check out all your options with Dr. Patt today.

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