Many women and men undergo eyelid surgery to improve the general appearance of their eyes. This surgical procedure, called blepharoplasty, can be used to treat loose or sagging upper eyelid skin that can sometimes interfere with vision, remove fatty deposits that cause puffy eyelids, help remove bags appearing under the eyes, and deal with drooping and wrinkled lower eyelids. The best candidates for the procedure are in good health and have realistic expectations about possible results.

The blepharoplasty procedure includes:
• Anesthesia, either general or intravenous sedation
• Upper lid surgery removing fat and skin, with a thin stitch used to bring the skin together as an eyelid crease
• Lower lid incisions directly below the lashes or on the inside of the eyelid, allowing removal of excess skin, reduction of wrinkles and improving the shape of the eyelid
• Closing the incisions with sutures, surgical tape and skin adhesives
• Recovery, requiring staying at home and limiting activity for several days after surgery; bruising, swelling, dry or irritated eyes and discomfort can be controlled by using ice packs, eye drops and pain killers

The decision to undergo eyelid surgery can result in an improved appearance and increased self-confidence. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of the procedure in 2013 was $2,800, not including additional costs such as anesthesia, medications and operating facilities. Recovery time is several weeks, and up to a year for incision lines to completely refine. It is important to have realistic personal goals and to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Patt before deciding on eyelid surgery.

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