Laser hair removal has grown in popularity since the technology became available for this purpose. It is one of the most effective treatments for unwanted hair, and the results are usually permanent. In general, it is a perfectly safe procedure, but some people may experience unwanted side effects.

  • Inflammation

    Most side effects associated with the treatment are temporary in nature, and rarely cause more than a little discomfort. Because laser treatment involves the application of a heat source to human tissue, the surrounding tissue may become inflamed. When this happens, many people liken the experience to a mild sunburn. The application of a cool compress, moisturizing cream, or after-sun solution is usually enough to quickly reduce swelling, inflammation and discomfort.

  • Blistering

    In some rare instances, the patient may suffer from blistering. This is a higher risk factor for people with darker skin, as such skin absorbs more heat. The blistering will eventually subside, but blisters should be treated in accordance with medical advice. There is a risk of developing secondary infections if blisters burst. Untreated blistering could also lead to permanent scarring. It must be stressed that this type of scenario is very rare.

  • Pigmentation changes

    The use of laser beams to remove hair can cause the body to increase the production of melanin. This is the body's natural reaction to heat radiation, and is what causes the skin to develop a tanned appearance. Alternatively, laser treatment may inhibit melanin production.When laser treatment is used to remove hairs, the beam is applied to individual hairs, and the area around the treated hairs can become darker or lighter in color. Since the untreated areas retain their existing pigmentation, this can result in a blotching effect. Normally, the unusual pigmentation will subside over time, and all the skin in a given area will have the same appearance.

  • Itchiness

    Many people will experience some itchiness after laser hair removal treatment. This tends to subside quickly. Patients should avoid excessive scratching, as this can lead to abrasions or blistering.

After treatment

It is advisable for people to protect treated areas from direct sunlight for several weeks after the treatment. This is because the heat from the sun can exaggerate any inflammation from the treatment itself. If the treatment has been carried out below the head, it is simply a matter of wearing clothing that covers the torso, the arms and the legs. If the treatment has been done on the face, the patient should wear sun protection cream.

Laser treatments should be regarded as a medical procedure, and prospective patients are advised to ensure that they are dealing with a registered medical practitioner. This is the best way to reduce the risk of unwanted side effects.

Our laser hair removal Houston clinic is part of a facial plastic surgery service. All treatments are carried out by properly licensed and registered medical personnel. This means all procedures are carried out to the highest standards in a surgically clean environment, greatly reducing the risks of unwanted side effects.

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