Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. It is a routine procedure, and is done on an outpatient basis.

Why Do Patients Look Into Rhinoplasty?

There are a few different reasons why a patient would visit a cosmetic surgeon seeking a rhinoplasty.

  • Deviated septum:
    One of the most common reasons a patient has a nose job done is to correct a deviated septum. This is a condition where the center cartilage in the nose is off center. When a person has a deviated septum, it can cause difficulty when breathing through the nose. This condition can also cause sinusitis and frequent sinus infections.
  • Injury:
    When a person breaks his nose in an accident, often times he will need to have rhinoplasty. Depending on how bad the break was, if it is not repaired, it can change the look of the patient's nose. As long as the patient seeks help within two weeks following the accident, the surgeon should be able to fix it so that it looks just like it did before the accident.
  • Cosmetic reasons:
    When you first meet people, the first thing that they notice is your face. Unfortunately, some people are not happy with their nose. It could be the size or the shape causing the problem. If this is the case, the patient can see a surgeon and have his nose fixed to look the way that he would like it.

What To Expect

When you are considering having rhinoplasty, the first thing you should do is make an appointment for a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon such as Dr. Patt. During the consultation, you will sit with the doctor and go over how you would like your nose to look. The doctor will go over all of the facts so you are properly educated.

On the day of your surgery, you will be put under general anesthesia during the procedure. When the procedure is complete, the doctor will put your nose in a cast and send you home with instructions and pain medication.

You will see the doctor within the first few days following the procedure to check your progress and check for any signs of infection.

On the final appointment, the doctor will remove the cast.

Will a Nose Job Affect My Voice?

Many patients who are considering having a rhinoplasty procedure done are concerned about the effect it may have on their voice. This is a serious concern for those who sing. There has been no evidence showing that a nose job will affect the voice at all. When you have rhinoplasty, a tube is placed to assist with your breathing during the surgery. This can cause your voice to become hoarse, however, this is only temporary. After the throat has healed, your voice will sound the way that it always did.

A nose job can correct a medical problem or it can give you the confidence you were lacking. When it comes to a nose job Houston patients of Dr. Patt know that it can change their lives for the better, and will not affect the voice at all. Learn more about Dr. Patt's rhinoplasty procedure here.

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