There a number of reasons why a person may not like his or her nose. It may be too big or an odd shape. Whatever the reason, people no longer have to live with facial features that they do not love. Those who want a nose that makes them feel comfortable in their own skin can get the rhinoplasty Houston patients have rated as the best in town.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is simply the medical term for a nose job. This procedure is performed by a trained and experienced plastic surgeon.

As there are so many surgeons on the market, it can be difficult for patients to pick one doctor over another. One way to do this is to get to know the clinic and surgeon better by asking questions. Listed below are some questions patients should ask their surgeon before they schedule a nose job.

  1. Is the doctor board certified? If so, by which board?
  2. Is the surgeon experienced in performing nose jobs? A good surgeon will be able to tell the patient approximately how many rhinoplasties they have done and what percentage of the practice is devoted to this surgical procedure.
  3. When did the surgeon perform his or her last nose job?
  4. Are the majority of the surgery's patients happy with the results of their rhinoplasty? One way to gauge the happiness of prevision customers is to ask the clinic what their revision rate is on their patients.
  5. What is the practice's policy on revisions?
  6. How long will the surgery and recovery period take? This information will allow patients to take the appropriate amount of time off work and prepare for recovery.
  7. What are the potential risks and complications? As every nose is different, this may vary from patient to patient.
  8. What nose job technique will the surgeon be using?
  9. What sort of anesthesia will be used and why? The doctor needs to outline the risks of using the anesthetic before the surgery. It also needs to be administered by a qualified doctor.
  10. Where will the surgery be performed? If it is not in a hospital, what is the clinic's protocol if there are unexpected complications?
  11. Does the practice used open or closed rhinoplasty? Can they use both nose job techniques?
  12. Can the patient see before and after pictures? As most surgeons are proud of their work this should not be an issue. Ideally, the patient will get to see images of noses that are similar to theirs.
  13. Does the surgeon feel as though he or she can meet the client's expectations? As surgery is expensive and physically traumatic, the last thing patients need is to be let down when they discover their surgery did not produce the nose they expected.

Most patients will meet with their surgeon a few times before their surgery. This will give them ample time to ask questions. Surgeons know that patients can be nervous about getting a nose job. As such, they are usually quite happy to discuss the customer's concerns at length.

You can ask Dr. Patt all these questions and more, and without a doubt the responses will be satisfactory. Call us today to schedule your first consultation and learn more about nose surgery.

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