To age gracefully is a goal that many women and men strive for. Many people eat healthier and exercise regularly to help slow the signs of aging. Unfortunately, diet and exercise alone are not enough for most people to maintain a youthful appearance. This is especially true when it comes to facial features such as the lips.

Once the body starts to age, many of the normal processes start to slow way down. The precious collagen that keeps lips plump starts to dissipate as the body slows down production. After slower collagen production sets in, so does gravity and the natural course of life. This leads to thinning lips, drooping eye lids, less plump cheeks, and of course a boatload of wrinkles.

It can easily be said that youth should never be taken for granted, anyone pushing forty will definitely agree with that statement. Once the gradual changes in facial features start to appear, it is past time to tackle them. Ideally, moisturizers and SPF products should be used daily during the youthful years, but many people neglect them.

A combination of UV rays, repetitive facial expressions, free radicals, and age can work a serious number on lips. Faint to deep vertical lines can set in as a result. Smokers are especially susceptible to thinning lips and deep set lines around the mouth due to repetitively puckering the lips while smoking. Even though most people must face the signs of facial aging, there is always something that can be done about it.

Lip enhancement products and procedures can be factored into the battle on aging. There are numerous products on the market that can help make lips look plumper and more dramatic when thinning is an issue. Certain colors of lipstick and types of lip gloss can play a huge role in reshaping the appearance of a thinning set of lips.

To eliminate the struggle and hassle of finding and using the correct plumping potions, many people prefer to seek professional lip enhancement for aging lips. Several different procedures and enhancement injections have been developed over the years that can nearly erase the signs of aging on the lips. Generally, seeking the assistance from a physician that is trained and skilled in facial rejuvenation will always offer faster and longer lasting results in the battle against aging.

Of course, this assistance may cost considerably more than whatever magic potion is being pushed at the time, but the cost tends to always be well worth the investment. It is hard to watch wrinkles and gravity take their course on the body and face. For some people, the degrading effects of aging can impose damages to the self-esteem, making a faster and more permanent solution the best option for them.

With the help of Botox doctors Houston residents are winning the battle against aging. Thinning lips are become more plump, and self-esteem is restored, one injection at a time. For the most satisfying results, it is crucial to find a professional that has plenty of experience, and a stellar reputation to prove it. And that professional is none other than our Dr. Patt, a facial plastic surgeon with extensive knowledge on lip enhancements and other cosmetic procedures. Contact our office today and schedule your consultation.

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