Countless men (and quite a few women) suffer from male pattern hair loss as they age. This loss of hair can come with many psychological and emotional effects, but the good news is there are treatment options available. However, the key to successful results is determined by finding the option that may work best for you. For example, you opt to have a hair transplant and learn you have a medical condition that may causes complications with this procedure; and now the problem is much worse.

Then there are others who invest countless dollars in products that promise to regrow hair only to find they do not produce the desired results, and they have a bad reaction. These kinds of things can leave Guys feeling even more self-conscious and with low self-esteem due to their hair loss. The last thing any man wants is to feel embarrassed behind wasting money and time, and getting dismal results. However, this doesn’t have to be your case!

Determine the Cause

First and foremost, Guys need to seek medical advice to determine the cause of their hair loss. It may simply be a matter of losing hair due to taking medications, or the result of a great deal of life stress. For some, the loss of hair could be due to malnutrition or poor diet; yet, a large number of men find it to be the result of heredity. Loss of hair may also be temporary or permanent. The best way to learn the cause of your hair loss is to see a physician like Dr. Bradford Patt of Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery. A specialist will examine your scalp and medical history to provide a professional recommendation and treatment option best suited for your situation.

Understand Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness, also known as MPB, is what many men attribute their hair loss to. Many state that MPB is the result of their mother's father being bald, yet this isn't the full truth. MPB tends to occur in men who are sensitive to DHT or the hormone dihydrotestosterone, and this is the result of genetics. In the past, men were told to look to their maternal grandfather to see if they would go bald later in life. New research suggests they should actually look at their father's father to determine this. However, research is still underway to help us better understand MPB and its underlying causes.

Seek Treatment from the Best

Individuals struggling with hair loss should consider contacting Dr. Patt to learn about hair restoration options. Thanks to new treatments, men who had no hope of finding treatment options in the recent past, may now find they can have a full head of hair once again. Whether you have a bothersome receding hairline, or male pattern hair loss, it’s time to take action and seek treatment from the best. Call Dr. Patt at 281.552.8111 to schedule an appointment, or contact us online for more information.

June 14 2017 |

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