Gentlemen, if you haven’t yet learned about the advanced technology of the NeoGraft® hair transplant procedure, read this! By the age of 35, more than two-thirds of American men will have to face thinning hair associated with male pattern baldness. By the time they reach 50, that number has gone up to nearly 85%. Though this can be a significant issue for many men, the great news is that recent medical breakthroughs have now developed safer, less invasive methods of coping with hair loss. Whether you have, or haven’t considered a hair transplant procedure before now, there is now a new option available!

FDA Approved Advanced Technology

The NeoGraft® method of hair replacement uses no scalpels or sutures, has a much shorter recovery time, and is far less painful than a traditional hair transplant can be. It uses the only follicle relocation process approved by the FDA, and offers many benefits over other procedures, like no linear scaring. Renowned Houston facial plastic surgeons, like Dr. Bradford Patt, are offering new opportunities to those looking to reverse their hair loss.

Less Time- Less Invasive- Less Downtime

As opposed to former methods, there is no linear scaring involved with the NeoGraft® procedure. This allows short cropped hair style options that were impossible in the past. It also means that you go in for the procedure and are out on the same day. Less invasive surgery also means shorter recovery time and fewer restrictions on activities after the procedure. Limitations that might have kept a patient indoors, or away from family and friends in the past, are no longer a concern. There is also considerably less swelling and pain involved after the procedure is done, with no need to numb the donor area prior to extraction.

Immediate Improvements & Benefits

The entire process uses technology that makes the procedure gentle but, more importantly, effective. It ultimately improves a patient’s appearance, and their self-confidence. It also requires far less maintenance than other methods. Coupling this with the relatively low cost and upkeep, it’s clear that this is one of the most cost-effective hair transplant options available today.

With all these reasons, it makes taking the first step and contacting Dr. Patt for a consultation that much easier. No other follicle transplant technology has the FDA approval or the accolades that NeoGraft® has earned. More and more men, and women too, are turning to Dr. Patt of the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, to obtain viable solutions for their hair loss.

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June 07 2017 |

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