Cosmetic Botox is a drug used to smooth facial wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles on a temporary basis. It has been used for years by professionals, in small doses, to provide patients with an anti-aging treatment that helps improve their appearance. Celebrities have been getting such injections for many years, which has led to its widespread use among average consumers. The fact that this wrinkle smoother works, has opened doors to "others" offering Botox injections, who may not be qualified to do so.

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Get Botox on Groupon

  1. Licensed injectors, which also include dermatologists and plastic surgeons, don't post such offers online. This group of professionals understands the screening process involved for such an anti-aging treatment, and not all patients qualify as good candidates. There are numerous contraindications patients may experience with this treatment, thus consultations are required prior to any injection treatment. If you end up being denied treatment and need a refund, it will be difficult to get back with these sketchy online deals.
  2. Anti-aging treatments like these are not about low price; instead, they’re about safety and quality results. An inexperienced self-proclaimed "expert" may turn this procedure into a terrible experience. Always seek out a reputable specialist for Botox injections.
  3. Low-priced injections could also imply shortcuts taken by a provider, which could put your health and appearance at risk.
  4. Consider the popular Botox House Party trends where some people, including celebrities, end up experiencing poor results, and adverse effects from the drug. Ultimately, you could end up having to live with a deformed face for a temporary period.
  5. Trained professionals are certified, walking their patients through the entire procedure, including discussing safety factors. You won’t find this proven expertise through Groupon.

No one is implying that Groupon Botox is certain to be a negative experience, but discounted offers are often questionable. Today, there are lots of affordable and reputable clinics that provide patients with different financing options; moreover, there are professionals who also offer exclusive deals and promotions for repeat business.

January 18 2016 |

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