Though Botox, in its natural form, can be traced back to the 1820’s with a German medical specialist who focused in on the effects of botulinum toxin on the nervous system, it was a plastic surgeon by the name of Richard Clark who, nearly two centuries later, was the first to use Botox® for cosmetic purposes. At first it was used to correct facial nerve paralysis. Clark soon started noticing that this toxic protein was also able to diminish wrinkles and age lines. In the end, it was this effect that sparked an incredible new demand for Botox in the world of clinical cosmetics and facial plastic surgery.

In fact, over the past two decades, primary physicians, dermatologists, and facial plastic surgeons in Houston, and every major city around the world, have learned that Botox has also been found to successfully treat major conditions like hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), and even chronic migraines. As such, there has been an astonishing global rise in patients opting for Botox treatments. And along with treating hyperhidrosis and migraines, botulinum toxin today is most commonly used as an innovative anti-aging treatment that offers patients effective aesthetic and youthful results through a minimally invasive process.

Although many initially felt a bit nervous about using Botox injections as a cosmetic procedure option, all of this has changed, as scores of people well-known and not, have experienced its anti-aging benefits and effective results. With even more new developments and application improvements in the treatment, like the use of the microinjection procedure that creates a naturally subtle, yet all-encompassing effect, skilled facial plastic surgeons, like Dr. Bradford Patt, have seen astronomical patient success.

When it comes to obtaining the best results for Botox treatments, consulting with an experienced cosmetic clinician and/or surgeon is vital. F.A.C.S. surgeons, like Dr. Patt, are trained in strategically placing the treatment injections into the areas of skin where they are most needed, to bring about the most dramatic and effective results.

If you’re looking to have a Botox treatment performed the right way, consider consulting with Dr. Patt of the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, so that you too can experience Botox beauty on the rise!  Call today for an appointment at (281) 649-7170.

February 16 2017 |

Plastic Surgery

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