As we all age, many of us will experience puffy and sagging eyelids; however, many of us aren’t even aware that we could benefit from an eyelid lift. These days, eyelid lifts can be accommodated with a brow lift to help correct this issue. Yet, for those that are aware of these kinds of facial plastic surgeries, it’s important to understand the difference between the two, and to consult with a cosmetic surgeon to see which one, or if both, would be most beneficial for their situation. The following is designed to help you understand the similarities and differences between the two procedures and the benefits of each.

Eyelid Surgery

An eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, helps to reduce or eliminate the appearance of upper or lower eyelids that sag or are puffy, as they can make the person appear tired and/or older than he or she truly is. Many patients have their eyelids lifted because the drooping has somehow interfered with their vision. Ultimately, the surgery helps to remove any excess skin while lifting drooping skin. As a result, patients find it much easier to open their eyes and see, and the eyes look more alert.

The lower eyelids can be lifted as well, if they are detracting from a person's appearance. With this type of procedure, the bags underneath the eyes, or dark circles that often appear as the skin becomes thinner, are corrected. As a result, the person looks and feels younger and rejuvenated.

Brow Lift

In contrast, an eyebrow or forehead lift focuses on removing any creases and wrinkles found in the forehead and eyebrow areas. Doing so helps to soften the appearance of the face, take years off your age, and removes a furrowed brow. People with wrinkles and creases in these areas often appear frustrated or concerned when they aren't, and this procedure corrects these issues.

Any sagging skin around the brows will be reshaped and raised to reduce the appearance of hooded eyelids. Upon completion of the procedure, the person looks younger and more rested. In addition, this procedure helps to prevent the eyebrows from descending further.

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