Celebrity plastic surgery is nothing new. Movie stars and other celebrities have been having surgical procedures for generations. However, Caitlyn Jenner's Facial Feminization Surgery has been making the news.

Caitlyn's transformation included surgical procedures that took ten hours. Yet, the results produced a beautiful, healthy person who healed rapidly.

Before her current facial surgery, Caitlyn had rhinoplasty several years prior. Rhinoplasty had changed the size and length of her nose. However, it was only the first step towards a complete transformation of her physical appearance.

This celebrity star, a former Olympic athlete, is 65 years old. It took great courage and personal determination for Miss Jenner to undergo this kind of transformation. Both the surgeon and Miss Jenner herself, agree that the results were definitely worthwhile.

Miss Jenner’s overall good health made the surgeries easier and without complications. The facial feminization surgery procedure included work on her forehead, hairline, chin, and jaw. Whether you were familiar with this star before her amazing transformation, or not, you’ll be impressed by her beauty and self-confidence.

Caitlyn Jenner has set a new standard for the meaning of personal courage and determination. Through her brave transformation, she has shown the world that every person is unique and special; and that all should be treated with respect and dignity as human beings and role models. Equally important, she shows how essential it is for people to be themselves, even when it means changes to a person's appearance.

Celebrity plastic surgery is not always about vanity. Whether someone chooses surgery to enhance their appearance, or to reflect who they really are, it is worth the time, effort, and expense. Be it rhinoplasty, or a number of various facial surgery procedures, the results can be lovely like Caitlyn's. The surgeries have helped her become her true self, and to live the rest of her life as a beautiful woman.

June 26 2015 |

Plastic Surgery

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