When you think of the sort of facelift Houston plastic surgeons perform, do you instantly imagine an incision which allows one to pull skin up and back to reduce wrinkles and raise sagging jowls? Do you picture someone getting Botox injections? Maybe you have never heard of ear tucks or ear pinning before. Here is what's involved.

The Ear Tuck Issue

The sort of doctor responsible for this kind of procedure would also be responsible for other facial reconstruction work either cosmetic or following trauma. An ear tuck involves moving the ears back so they no longer stick out like wings. This physical state is not dangerous to anyone or a sign that one has a condition, but many children are teased because of their wing-like ears and benefit from the simple procedure when they are still very young.

In fact, doctors suggest it can be done as young as 4 years of age and, in the hands of a professional, the procedure is relatively uncomplicated. Risks always exist, but in this case they are unlikely. All that the surgeon will do is cut a flap to expose cartilage and shape it so the ears sit back. Stitches not only keep incisions from opening again but also help the ears maintain their new position.

Another name for this surgery is otoplasty, and more than adjusting the ears, a skilled ENT-certified plastic surgeon can actually create an external ear for patients.

Ear Tuck for Adults

Although children are the most likely candidates for ear tuck surgery, adults have this kind of work done too. It might be part of a bigger procedure or facelift Houston surgeons can perform. Have your ears always bothered you? Otoplasty can also be used to re-shape an ear with congenital deformities. Such deformities may be the cause of other medical conditions that may be resolved by creating an external ear.

Consult with a certified plastic surgeon to find out the cost and what is involved. This is minor surgery which can be done under general anesthetic, but that depends on a client's preference. Enduring up to 3 hours on the table, hearing everything that goes on, could be too traumatic, but local anesthetic is less risky than general anesthetic. If you can handle the stress, you will be in and out of the doctor's surgical facility or a suitable hospital in Houston quickly. Few people are admitted for this kind of procedure unless they combine it with more extensive work.

Talk it Through

No matter what sort of facial procedure you plan on having done, talk to your doctor and discuss the matter with the plastic surgeon thoroughly beforehand. It might not be for you. There are risks, costs, and also the question of your overall satisfaction. Will changing your looks really solve the problems you face?

Many procedures a plastic surgeon performs are long-term: their effects will be seen long after healing has finished. Some procedures are short-term. You will see the difference in your face for a few years at the most. But if something as small as ear pinning can improve your self-confidence, it might be worthwhile.

Ear tucks are just one of the many procedures Dr. Patt has the extensive training to do. Whether it's ear tucks, nose reconstruction, or a face lift Houston is lucky to have such a caring and experienced plastic surgeon. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

December 10 2014 |

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