Anyone familiar with plastic surgery is likely aware of the many advancements that continue to be introduced in this field. Due to the ongoing technological advancements within this particular industry, plastic surgery has become truly revolutionized. Here are some of the biggest advancements to plastic surgery over the years that have contributed greatly to this revolution:

Easier complications preventative

In the past, it was necessary for patients to give themselves injections of anticoagulants to prevent blood clots after undergoing certain procedures. However, new advancements have made it possible to bypass shots that make some people squeamish. Instead, an oral anticoagulant, Xarelto, is a new, advanced option. Patients agree that it is a great deal easier to swallow a pill that is just as effective as injections and many individuals choose this option.

Faster recovery periods

More and more nonsurgical plastic surgery procedures are being introduced. Instead of traditional facelifts, increasingly amounts of patients are opting for the new "mini-facelift" instead. This is just one example of a less invasive procedure that results in quicker recoveries. Not only are nonsurgical procedures less painful and noninvasive, but they also enable patients to recover substantially faster than with traditional procedures.

Improved pain management

For patients that underwent tummy tucks and breast augmentation in the past, pain management was often an issue. Now, thanks to the introduction of Exparel, which is a type of novocaine, patients will experience less pain. Exparel is a long-acting novocaine which can keep pain to a minimum for up to 72 hours.

Amazing alternative to liposuction

Everyone is familiar with liposuction, an invasive technique that reduces fat in a specific area of the body. Patients choosing not to undergo liposuction now have the option of undergoing CoolSculpting. What is CoolSculpting? This is a procedure that literally freezes away fat. Patients experience greater results, quicker recovery and less pain than those that choose traditional liposuction.

Less scarring

Depending on the type of plastic surgery a person was interested in, there was a greater risk of scarring. Scarring is definitely a concern for patients undergoing facial procedures. With increasing amounts of smaller surgical tools being introduced, doctors can perform the same surgeries that they did in the past, yet with smaller incisions. A smaller incision reduces the chances of scarring.

Lasers instead of scalpels

The introduction of the various laser surgeries has been a major contribution to the field of plastic surgery. Many plastic surgeons have upgraded to AirSculpt Laser Liposuction. This cutting-edge procedure doesn't require any scalpels, needles or stitches. Patients receive the same results that they would with traditional lipo, yet without great amounts of pain, risk of complications and recovery times.

The numerous technological advancements within this industry have truly revolutionized plastic surgery. These cutting-edge medical advancements have helped the patient who as a result will experience more comfort throughout each said procedure which results in a more positive experience overall . Recovery periods are significantly shorter, which makes the entire experience more positive. In addition, these advancements assist patients with experiencing substantially less pain and discomfort, as well as fewer complications.

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