Plastic surgeons are skilled in every aspect of physical changes. Whether it is body contouring, breast enhancement or altering facial features, most clients are enticed with looking younger and firmer. Some are perhaps more concerned with a refreshed appearance instead of major changes. And yet a person who was born with a serious affliction, has been in an accident or encountered an extreme transformation have another goal in mind when seeking a surgical resolution.

A plastic surgeon, board certified and experienced in facial and body reconstructive procedures can help change abnormal structures. This can be congenital defects, trauma, tumors or developmental abnormalities. If one loses a massive amount of weight, the loose skin can be a hindrance to mobility and healing.

Skin cancer removal, acne and rosacea create unsightly facial skin. Several non invasive techniques can transform the epidermis to smooth, soft, healthy skin. Additional methods may require state of the art technologies; implant procedures and genioplasty, or relocation of the chin, are two such reformations.

Burn surgery is classified in two ways, acute and reconstructive. Acute care ensues immediately after the wound. Reconstructive burn surgery follows healing of the burns. A plastic surgeon can improve the cosmetic display of facial, ear and body skin. Also the basic function of motion in the neck, arms, hands and legs can be improved. Modification and correction of scar tissue can take years to transform as the body matures and changes.



Not all scars can be completely removed, however, they can be improved to be less noticeable or barely perceptible. Skin grafts, skin rearrangement and more complicated procedures are possibilities for all kinds of burn scars. All burn surgeries are dependant on the extent and scale of the burn. Specific burns can be improved with massage and particular lotions. Alternatively, other burns need surgery of one kind or another.

Cleft lip and cleft palate surgery can not only restore a normal appearance to a child's face, but it will correct abnormal development as well. Once the surgery is complete, the child will be better able to speak clearly, hear, eat and breathe normally. The earlier in the child's life surgery is accomplished the better for him or her. With the possible assistance of a pediatrician, hearing specialist, Otolaryngologist, speech therapist and dental professional, a child can be rehabilitated and have a normal life. With this kind of abnormality, it requires a team to to create a course of treatment suitable to recovery.

Men suffering from Gynecomastia (breast enlargement) are frequently embarrassed by puffy breasts and loose skin. A qualified plastic surgeon has several methods to remove or reduce the chest to a normal, comfortable size.

Weight loss of more than one hundred pounds can produce excess amounts of loose skin. If skin does not regain elasticity, it can become a harbor for bacteria, causing infections. Reconstructive surgery is the only way to eradicate the problem. An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or a panniculectomy is frequently necessary to tighten the skin and muscles that have become saggy and uncomfortable.

A brachioplasty removes upper arm skin and fat that can develop with age, and will result with severe weight loss. This area can also become infected if not removed.
Cosmetic surgeons perform a diverse array of medical procedures, changing lives for the better every day.

If you'd like more information on how Dr. Patt can use any of these procedure and more to restore a better, healthier looking you, contact us today!

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