A person who is considering a nose job should be aware of the fact that health insurance generally does not cover the cost of cosmetic surgical procedures. However, there are instances when a nose job can be covered under one's existing insurance policy, as not all forms of nose surgery are solely cosmetic in nature.

Forms of Nose Surgery That are Covered by Insurance

Health insurance should cover a nose job if the primary intent of this procedure is to improve breathing and/or repair damaged caused by an injury. Septoplasty surgery and septorhinoplasty surgery both fall under this category. A septoplasty is simply a functional procedure meant to improve breathing and does not affect the shape of the nose. A septorhinoplasty, on the other hand, not only clears nasal obstructions and rectifies problems with nasal trauma but also reshapes the nose.

How to Get Insurance Coverage for a Houston Nose Job

The first step in getting insurance coverage for a Houston nose job is to see an experienced, competent doctor. Choose one who has experience with the type of work that needs to be done, as nasal surgery is delicate in nature and complications can have serious ramifications. Dr. Patt as a certified and experienced plastic surgeon who treats many patients in the Houston area. There's no one better for a nose job Houston patients can trust.

The doctor will assess the state of a patient's nose, determine if surgery is required to correct the problem and recommend the exact type of surgery that is needed. The surgeon should also provide paperwork that can be submitted to one's health insurance agency proving that the nose job is not simply a cosmetic procedure but rather one that is actually needed to improve breathing.

It is best to get pre-approval from the insurance agency before going ahead with the nose job. Pre-approval ensures that the insurance policy will cover the cost of the surgery (minus any deductibles that may be in place in the policy).

An important point to note regarding insurance pre-approval is that most health insurance agencies will only cover a particular procedure if it is done by approved doctors. Be sure to ask which nose job Houston surgeons are approved by the insurance company, as working with an unapproved surgeon will result in having to pay for the full procedure. This would include not only the cost of the surgery itself but also the anesthesia used and the follow up visits required to ensure that the surgery is fully successful.

Whether or not a nose job will be covered by health insurance is not an easy question to answer. Much depends on the procedure required and an individual's health insurance policy. However, it is very possible that insurance will cover at least part of the cost of a nose job if a person can show that the nose job is not being done solely for cosmetic purposes. Anyone who is considering having nose surgery should see an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Patt, obtain paperwork proving the nose job is a necessity and seek pre-approval before going through with the procedure. Doing so keeps costs low and enables a person to focus on recovering from the surgery rather than having to deal with insurance legalities.

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