If waxing, shaving or tweezing has left you dissatisfied, laser hair removal could be the ideal solution for you. This cosmetic procedure is among the most popular options available and is relatively simple to perform. To remove hair through this process, highly concentrated light is beamed into the hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the follicles and the hair is destroyed...


Lasers are quite effective in the removal of unwanted hair from areas like the bikini line, underarm, leg and face. Included among the benefits of laser hair removal are:


It takes a fraction of a second to emit each pulse of the laser and it can simultaneously treat many hairs. In each second, the laser can be used to treat an area that is roughly the size of a quarter. The upper lip and other small areas can be treated in under a minute. The legs, back and other large areas could take as long an hour.


Coarse, dark hairs can be selectively targeted by lasers, while the surrounding skin is left undamaged.


After an average of between three and seven sessions, the majority of patients experience permanent hair loss.

Preparing for Laser Hair Removal Houston

This procedure involves more than merely zapping away unwanted hair. It requires the expertise of trained professionals to minimize potential risks. Ensure that the credentials of the technician or doctor are thoroughly checked before getting your hair removed.

Electrolysis, waxing and plucking should be avoided for at least 6 weeks before laser hair removal is to be carried out. This is important as the roots of the hairs are targeted by the laser. Plucking or waxing temporarily removes these roots. Sun exposure should be avoided for the same period after the treatment is done.

What to Expect

Before undergoing the procedure, the hair that will be treated will be cut to a little above the surface of skin. Depending on the light source or laser used, appropriate eye protection could be required for both the patient and the doctor. Additionally, a special cooling device or cold gel will be used to protect the outer layers of the skin. This will also assist the light in penetrating the skin.

The technician will then send a light pulse to the treatment area and take several minutes to examine the area for bad reactions and to ensure that the best settings are being used. Upon completion, lotions, anti-inflammatory creams or ice packs could be used to ease discomfort.


After the procedure, you will have the look and feel of sunburned skin for a day or two. Moisturizers and cool compresses could help during the recovery process. If hair was removed from the face, makeup can be applied the following day if there is no blistering on the skin.

The hair will fall out over the next 4 weeks. You should wear sunscreen during this period to prevent the color of the treated skin from changing. Individuals who are darker complected could get blisters but this is quite rare. Scarring, swelling and redness are also possible side effects.

Laser hair removal is a common, uncomplicated procedure that has numerous benefits. Our laser hair removal Houston clinic is part of a complete facial plastic surgery service. All treatments are carried out by properly licensed and registered medical personnel. When such procedures are carried out to the highest standards in a surgically clean environment the risks of unwanted side effects are greatly reduced.

If you are considering laser hair removal, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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