If you’ve ever wondered if lip enhancements are safe, the answer is YES, especially if procedures are performed professionally with a licensed plastic surgeon.  According to the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), more people than ever are looking for ways to enhance their lips and give themselves a more aesthetically youthful look. In 2015, about 2.5 million lip enhancements were performed in the U.S., which is a 250% increase since the year 2000.

Good candidates for lip augmentation are patients who are concerned about aging and thinning lips. Injections and lip implants can beautifully add volume and fill creases along the lip line, giving patients a more youthful appearance. The following information provides details about today’s safer FDA approved lip filler injections and implants.

Lip Injections

This is a cosmetic, non-surgical procedure that provides fuller lips and a more balanced look. Lip injections are typically done in an office such as the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, or in a medical spa setting. Injecting fillers is a quick procedure that's done in less than an hour. In most cases, no anesthetic is required as fillers often contain topical anesthetics like lidocaine. The provider will explain the procedure beforehand, and determine the right places in or around the lips to inject the filler. Different types of fillers are used depending on the kind of lip enhancement a patient needs; however, today, many surgeons opt for safe hyaluronic acid fillers for a natural look and feel.

Lip Implants

A lip implant is a more invasive procedure, though it is also performed in the plastic surgeon’s office under local anesthesia. With lip implants, a tiny incision is made inside the lip, and a soft silicone based elastomer implant is inserted into the lips. The doctor then will inject fillers to give the lips a natural contour and smooth look. Dr. Patt uses PermaLip™ natural lip enhancements to provide interested patients with permanent results. These lip implants are designed to never deflate or rupture, and can be removed at any time.


For the best possible results for lip enhancements, it’s important to work with an experienced facial plastic surgeon in Houston, like Dr. Bradford Patt. Patients should only receive FDA-approved fillers to maintain procedural safety, and schedule a consultation first so that the surgeon can determine which product and procedure is best suited for each patient’s needs. To schedule an initial consultation, contact Dr. Patt today at (281) 649-7170.

March 15 2017 |

lip enhancements, Plastic Surgery

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