When most people think of plastic surgery, the immediate thought is predominately the improvement of one’s appearance. However, there are certain real benefits that people may not think of first hand; and depending on the reason and type of plastic surgery that a person undergoes, will determine the true, lasting, and gratifying benefits that he or she will experience.

We all know that as we get older, our appearance begins to change. Our skin loses elasticity, and we eventually start to see fine lines and wrinkles around our forehead, eyes, mouth, and neck. For men, noses and ears may become larger, and additional hair growth may appear in areas that it didn’t appear before. Moreover, there are people who are born with, or experience the development of, defects or physical challenges that not only affect their appearance, but also affect their overall health and quality of life. Ultimately, whatever the reason we choose to undergo plastic surgery, it’s important to understand there are real benefits that go beyond the immediate gratification that we initially experience after recovery.

Plastic Surgeries Trending In Houston

With today’s innovative technologies and advances in medical surgery, there exists a full gamut of elective plastic surgeries that you can choose from, depending on what your needs are. Whether you live in the greater Houston area, or in other major US cities, many of these plastic surgery treatments are continuing to trend across the country.

A rhyidectomy is another name for facelift. Getting a facelift can reduce the signs of aging, and can give the face a firmer fresher appearance. There are a few kinds of facelift surgeries to get depending on the area(s) that show the most signs of skin laxity and deep wrinkles.

Nose Job
Rhinoplasty is the proper medical term for a nose job; which continues to be a very popular plastic surgery procedure in Houston. People have nose jobs performed for a variety of reasons. Rhinoplasties help to repair the nose if you’ve been seriously injured in an accident. If a person has a deviated septum, this procedure can treat the condition, making it easier to breathe. Finally, one of the most common reasons that people have nose jobs is because they are unhappy with the appearance of their nose.

Eyelid Surgery
Blepharoplasty is also known as eyelid surgery. As we age our eyelids become droopy, and they can make us appear years older. Droopy eyelids can also impair vision. In some cases, blepharoplasty is enough to treat the problem. In others, one or more additional procedures would need to be prepared to achieve the desired results. You should expect the procedure to take about two hours.

Brow Lift & Forehead Lift
Brow lifts are quite popular for people who may need more than eyelid surgery. Brow lifts can change your appearance and cause you to look younger, more alert, and friendlier. For people with deep sagging brows, and heavy wrinkles above the eyes, they may appear to look mean and unfriendly, as if they are frowning. With a brow or forehead lift, wrinkles and lines above the eyes are diminished to give patients a fresher look.

Facial Fillers & Liposuction
Sometimes people need Botox injections in combination with facial fillers to give the face a smoother fuller look. Facial fillers get rid of deep wrinkles and lines, as well as a thin gaunt facial appearance. On the other hand, there are those who have extra skin and fat under the chin or around the neck. This is where things like liposuction and Kybella come into play. Facial fillers are less evasive procedures that many people opt to have done when full facial plastic surgery may not be an option for them. Click Here to connect with your Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon.

Plastic Surgery Benefits

#1 Look Younger & More Vibrant
Of course the main reason why people undergo plastic surgery is to take at least 10 to 20 years off of their appearance. The real benefit of plastic surgery is that you will actually look younger and more vibrant when you choose to work with a professional and well experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Bradford S. Patt.

#2 Improved Physical Health
People who are born with certain defects or develop physical defects as they age may need to consider plastic surgery for medical reasons. Women with enlarged breasts may opt for breast reduction in order to repair their posture and struggles with back and neck pain. Those who obtained injuries to the face will need surgery to repair eyes, noses, or lips in order to be able to restore physical functioning. Over time, people are able to live healthier lives because they can breathe, see better, or even communicate and eat normally.

#3 Increased Social Life
There are people who believe that plastic surgery can change their social life, and make them more popular, or accepted and approved by others. Unfortunately, this is not the case, nor is it ever a good reason to opt for surgery. However, the way the plastic surgery improves your social life is that you tend to open up more and interact more with others. In turn, if you are a genuinely nice and kind person, people will gravitate to you because you’ve become more socially active. The more you network with others and open up, the more friends and social circles you develop.

#4 Vocational Advantages
The Houston job market is always dynamic; and in certain industries, appearance can be just as important as education and experience. Though appearance is not everything, if you tend to be more attractive in your appearance, and then couple that with a warm and friendly demeanor and high skillset, you will more than likely get the job versus the one who may not be as attractive. Even if looking younger is not vital to obtaining gainful employment, having a younger attractive appearance certainly gives you an advantage for getting the job, and even advancing within the company.

#5 Self-Confidence & Esteem Booster
It’s important to love and accept yourself. Sometimes plastic surgery is just what a person needs to give them the boost of confidence needed to start living and enjoying life. Sometimes people may not feel like what they see in the mirror is the real them, plastic surgery can provide them with the appearance that they envision for themselves. When people feel good about the way they look, they are confident, more outgoing, and less self-conscious around others.


Depending on which plastic surgery procedure you choose, there are different recovery periods and aftercare instructions that your Houston surgeon will recommend. Recovery can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. For the most part, patients must refrain from various forms of strenuous physical activities until they have properly healed. Moreover, patients are recommended to stay out of direct sunlight, tanning beds, and saunas; as well as, not wear makeup, lotions, or heavily wash the face or surgical areas. Like all surgical procedures, there are bandages, dressings, and ointments that have to be used on the skin during the healing process. Bruising and swelling is to be expecting in almost every plastic surgery procedure. Medications are also given to help with pain and to prevent infection.

Most people find that the real benefits of plastic surgery are well worth the process and time it takes for them to obtain the satisfying results they desire.
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