What is Restylane Silk?

Restylane Silk
is a new conception expressly created to enhance lips and soften lines in the area about the mouth. It has just been released for use in the United States by the FDA and is readily available through Dr. Patt's Houston location. This is the first of its kind, only available to patients over the age of twenty-one. All Restylane products are formed of hyaluronic acid – a kind of sugar already present in human skin. Additional formulas to provide a youthful appearance, filling the lines and wrinkles in the face are other blends of Restylane.

Aging creates thinning of the lips and small lines collect above the upper lip. Restylane Silk is smooth, with smaller fragments than additional Resylane goods, in order to achieve a fuller, natural look around the mouth and on the lips. The gel is released with a super-fine needle for a genuine reaction. As a virtually unnoticeable patient procedure, the results are refreshing. Most patients describe an improvement in the fullness of lips within two weeks from the injection. Seventy-six percent of patients declared to still have the same smooth results six monthffs after the injection. Swelling can be a temporary side effect.

Note: you should not have the treatment if you have cold sores, pimples, a rash, cyst or any infections. It is best to wait until you are completely healed. Having the procedure during this time could make recovery more difficult.
Do not have the procedure if you have serious allergies or have had a reaction to gram-positive bacteria. Do not continue if you have an allergy to lidocaine.

The Restylane Silk Procedure

Normally the procedure is less than an hour in the physician's office. The area will be cleaned and prepared first. The fine point of the needle injects the proper amount of hyaluronlic acid just under the skin for beautiful results. It is possible to suffer some discomfort with bruising, swelling, redness and tender skin for about a week for lips and possibly two weeks for the nasolabial folds. If you feel a need for pain relievers, ask a healthcare professional for advice.

Some considerations before treatment include; refrain from using medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, St. John's Wort or vitamin E, which can cause excess bleeding. Tell your plastic surgeon if you are taking a blood thinner. Advise the doctor if you are prone to cold sores, he/she may recommend medication for them.

In regards to after the regimen; use a cold compress to reduce swelling and wait at least six hours before touching the numbed area. After that the area may be lightly washed with soap and water. Do not expose the area to extreme hot or cold, no sunbathing or heat lamps, refrain from using ice or very cold weather. Continue to avoid medications that cause bleeding for one week. This means no St. John's Wort, vitamin E, aspirin, ibuprofen or blood thinners during this time. Swelling is more likely to happen in patients under thirty-six years old, and patients over the age of thirty-five are more likely to be bruised.

To find out more about this revolutionary procedure and to see if it may be the right treatment for you, contact Dr. Patt's office to schedule an appointment.

Benefit from Restylane Silk and enjoy your new, youthful appearance.

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