Difficulty breathing through the nose can be caused by a variety of conditions and illnesses, including infection and congestion in the nose, sinusitis and nasal polyps, tiny sacs of inflamed tissue. If you are a habitual mouth breather, you may not give it a second thought, but prolonged breathing through just the mouth can cause bad breath, various dental problems, sleep apnea and a damaged immune system. However, there are various treatments available for anyone who has difficulty breathing through the nose, ranging from nasal sprays and exercise to surgery.

Although rhinoplasty is commonly used to improve the shape or size of the nose, the surgery can also be used to help anyone who has difficulty breathing through their nose. Over 100,000 people have a rhinoplasty procedure carried out each year, and it is simple, safe and painless. The procedure involves minor incisions being made inside the nose, which are invisible after the procedure has been carried out. Because rhinoplasty is able to fix any structural problems, it can help to eliminate any nasal problems causing congestion, leading to easier and more efficient breathing.

Some of the most common nose problems that can be eliminated by a rhinoplasty surgery include an overly large turbinate, a deviated septum, and nostrils that are too small. If you have a long, narrow nose you may find it difficult to breathe through your nose regularly, especially after working out, and rhinoplasty can help to widen the nose and make breathing a lot easier. A broken nose can also cause breathing problems, and rhinoplasty can help to improve breathing for someone with a broken nose. In some cases, a rhinoplasty may need to be combined with a procedure known as a septoplasty, which is carried out to correct the shape or size of the septum, the area between the nostrils.

One of the advantages of rhinoplasty is that it improves the appearance of the nose, as well as helping with any breathing issues. A qualified rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to advise whether the surgical procedure is right for you, or whether there may be another solution.

If you think rhinoplasty may be the best solution to help correct difficulty breathing through your nose or if interested in any of the other procedures that Dr. Patt offers, contact us today for a consultation!

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April 14 2015 |

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