If you’re considering a Botox skin treatment this month and you’re a smoker, you should know that December is ‘Take a New Year’s Resolution to Stop Smoking’ month. This could be the perfect opportunity to quit smoking, as the benefits of quitting are well worth the effort. Even more, when it comes to having facial injections and fillers, smoking will definitely affect those lovely results.

Smoking & Botox- NOT a Good Combination

Studies show that smoking doesn’t immediately undo the benefits of a Botox treatment, but it will have an adverse impact over time, and tends to shorten the positive effects.

  • If there is any bruising from the treatment, it may take longer to heal if the patient continues to smoke.
  • One of the reasons a smoker might choose Botox treatment would be to remove the wrinkles and lines primarily caused by smoking. Continuing to smoke will make the wrinkles reappear quicker than would have happened otherwise.
  • A person's facial appearance is a composite of skin, hair, teeth, eyes, and overall health. Comparisons of twins, one a smoker and one a non-smoker, revealed startling differences in their appearance. The smoker looked several years older, and had substantially more facial wrinkles overall.
  • Smoking deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients, exhibited as poor skin tone.
  • Smoking can also cause one to develop age spots faster compared to non-smoking.
  • Ultimately, patients that continue to smoke after a Botox treatment cancel out the effects of the treatment.

Botox May Help Smokers Quit

Smokers are familiar with the smoker's pucker, or those unattractive deep wrinkles around the mouth. They are caused by the frequent use of certain muscles around the lips when a smoker draws on a cigarette. Poor skin tone or loss of elasticity deepens these wrinkles around the lips.

Patients who have had Botox injections around the lips may find that smoking afterwards is more difficult. The muscles used to hold and inhale on the cigarette are relaxed. Therefore, those interested in quitting may find this to be an unexpected side benefit of Botox, and just enough added incentive to finally quit for good.

Dr. Patt is a board-certified specialist in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Houston, and has years of experience with Botox injections. Contact the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery for an appointment or more information at (281) 552-8111.

For information on help to Quit Smoking, go to:  https://betobaccofree.hhs.gov/news/quit-smoking-plan.html

December 07 2016 |

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