Rhinoplasty is one of the most common types of plastic surgery carried out in America. Over 200,000 operations were done in 2013 alone. When performing this procedure, the plastic surgeon manipulates the bone and cartilage of the patient's nose, to produce the desired appearance. For women and men who are dissatisfied with the shape and size of their noses, nose reconstruction is an effective, safe and proven cosmetic treatment. If you are considering undergoing rhinoplasty, here are some vital things to bear in mind:

  • Being prepared for a different appearance: Lots of people undergo surgery, without properly taking into account how different they will appear afterwards. Many patients are unprepared for how long it takes them to get used to it. Even if the operation was a complete success, and individuals are happy with the results, it still might be a bit shocking to see it in the mirror initially. Obviously, most will become accustomed to it eventually, but it won't always happen overnight.
  • Insurance considerations: Usually, insurance does not cover costs for cosmetic procedures. However, if the aim of a nose reconstruction is to facilitate breathing, it is regarded as a medical necessity and might qualify for insurance cover. It is worth getting in touch with an insurance provider in advance, to find out their precise policy.
  • Medical risks: It is crucial to be aware of the potential risks linked to rhinoplasty. Make sure to use a surgeon who is board certified, and who is highly experienced at carrying out rhinoplasty. This way maximizes the chance of a successful operation. The risks of this procedure include: bleeding, infection, extra supplemental surgeries, breathing problems (obstruction of the nasal passages), anesthesia complications, septal perforation (this can cause turbulence that makes you whistle whenever you speak) and death. The more experienced and reputable the cosmetic surgeon, the less individuals need to worry about the risks involved.
  • Recovery time: Often, people underestimate how long it will take them to recover from rhinoplasty. You should not arrange your surgery for the week prior to a holiday, for instance, or for an important week where you are needed at work. You will certainly need some time away from work, during your post operative recuperation, along with a reduction in your normal daily activities and a bit of relaxation.
  • The cost of the surgery: Typically, cosmetic surgery costs consist of the fees for the operating room, the anesthetic and the surgeon. Fees for operating rooms range from $1100 to $700, and fees for anesthetics range from $1000 to $600. The American Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society reports that $4,277 is the average fee that US surgeons charge for rhinoplasty. Because of its' intricacy, secondary rhinoplasty may be triple this price. It only costs about $300 for filler rhinoplasty, however results are temporary. If you choose to have an extra facial procedure subsequently (like chin augmentation), it might be more cost effective to combine the two treatments into one operation.

When carried out by an expert cosmetic surgeon, nose reconstruction can vastly improve the appearance of the face. This will give you renewed confidence. Also, rhinoplasty is effective at correcting structural problems, such as those that create breathing difficulties.

If you are considering rhinoplasty and would like more information to see if the procedure is right for you, contact one of Houston's most experienced and trusted plastic surgeons, Dr. Patt and benefit everything that a quality, professional nose reconstruction can provide.

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