Americans are paying more and more attention to how their faces appear. Beyond that, they are doing something about the features that they are less than pleased about. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 3 out of the top 5 plastic/reconstructive surgeries in the United States involve the face. In order of popularity, they are:

  • The "nose Job" or rhinoplasty which reshapes the nose by removing or adding bone or cartilage
  • The "lid lift" or blepharoplasty in which the skin and muscle of the eyelids are surgically altered to lift the lids out of the field of vision and to give the eyes a more youthful appearance
  • The "face lift" or rhytidectomy which removes age-related wrinkling and sagging of the skin or makes it less obvious

In addition, facial plastic surgeons perform scar revisions, laser skin resurfacing, give BOTOX injections and correct other issues related to birth defect, car accident, cancer surgery and a whole host of other conditions involving the look and function of the facial features.

While some plastic surgery procedures are move invasive than others and may even require hospitalization, many modern techniques are performed in the doctor's office. Regardless, all carry some amount of risk and are best carried out by a medical doctor who is certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (APFPRS). These physicians take extra residency training in the area of facial plastic surgery and are the most qualified to provide these types of procedures.

While other health care providers may offer some cosmetic procedures such as BOTOX injections, a facial plastic surgeon is the best trained and most practiced in all kinds of surgeries and injections and has the education to back them up. When pondering a cosmetic procedure, be sure to do some advance research into physicians in your geographic area. Look for:

  1. A well-credentialed candidate
  2. How many procedures he has performed
  3. How and where the procedure is performed
  4. How long it takes
  5. How long the results will last
  6. What the recovery time is
  7. The anesthesia involved, what type and who administers it
  8. Possible post-operative medications and treatments
  9. What the total cost is and what may or may not be covered by insurance

Interview the facial plastic surgeon to get your questions answered fully. A reputable surgeon will be happy to do this, and many physicians offer computer imaging of procedure's results on a particular patient.

Another way to find information on the procedure and on physicians is to read online patient reviews, or better, talk to someone who has had facial cosmetic surgery. Ask the individual about the entire process from start to finish, and in particular, if he is pleased with the results.

Also, be sure to get the advice of your primary physician. He will inform you if you are healthy enough to take on a surgery, no matter how simple or complex.

For facial procedures including rhinoplasty Houston is fortunate to have Dr. Patt, a facial plastic surgeon with only the best training and experience medicine has to offer. Contact our office today and schedule a consultation.

November 28 2014 |

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