Before you plan to have nose reconstruction surgery, or rhinoplasty, it helps to make sure you start by consulting with an expert surgeon. However, this is much easier said than done, as finding a great facial plastic surgeon can be a challenge. And like most people considering plastic surgery, you want to make sure you’re placing your nose in expert hands. The information provided is designed to help you learn more about why people opt for nose reconstruction, what professional and training qualities to look for in an experienced surgeon, and what to expect during the consultation to learn which options are right for you.

#1 Know Why You Want a Nose Job

Nose reconstruction surgery, medically termed rhinoplasty, is performed for various reasons. Thus, the most popular being for cosmetic purposes, as when a person is unhappy with the size, shape, or position of the nose. Ultimately, some people feel that their nose makes them look unattractive, and they feel self-conscious.

There are also medical or health reasons for having rhinoplasty. Deformities from birth, degenerative conditions, traumatic accidents, and medically diagnosed upper respiratory conditions are all considered medical reasons for a nose reconstruction. In all instances, rhinoplasty is necessary to correct the look and shape of the nose, as well as to ensure that the patient is able to breath and sleep properly.

Regardless of the reason, nose jobs are considered a valid procedure, and you should always consult with an expert to discuss your unique situation and viable options. Rhinoplasties are appropriate for men, women, and adolescents whose bone structures are fully developed. As a result of surgery, the nose will have a nicer appearance that better compliments the face, and makes breathing easier.

#2 Find an Experienced Surgeon

It’s not easy finding a facial plastic surgeon who meets all your personal needs, but there is always a best place to start. ENT doctors, or otolaryngologists, like Dr. Bradford Patt in Houston, TX for example, who regularly practice with an emphasis on facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, tend to be well-trained on nasal anatomy and other features of the face. As such, FACS surgeons are considered experts in cosmetic and functional nasal surgery.

Surgeons like Dr. Patt are great choices for nose reconstruction because they’ve undergone extensive training in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face. Before scheduling your consultation, it’s vital to do your research to learn how much experience a surgeon has, and how many rhinoplasty surgeries have been performed. Most practicing surgeons will have before and after images, give you a range on their experience, and have raving reviews from patients who trust them.

#3 Learn During Consultation

Most experienced facial plastic surgeons will always require an initial consultation appointment to meet with you and discuss your nose reconstruction. During the consult, Dr. Patt, and other expert surgeons, will not only perform a thorough examination and offer expert medical recommendations, they will also provide vital education and information about the procedure, risks, and possible outcomes. At the same time, always have your questions and concerns ready to ask, so you’re well-informed about what to expect from surgery. Surgeons like Dr. Patt will also ensure that you are aware of other available options based on your unique situation. This ultimately helps you make an informed choice.

If you’re ready to take the first step, contact Dr. Patt’s office at the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery by calling (281) 649-7170, or schedule your consultation online. We look forward to connecting with you!

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