While many people assume that nose reconstruction surgery, or rhinoplasty, is all about appearances, this is not always the case. In many cases, a traumatic accident, facial injury, or the basic configuration of the nose at birth, can lead to difficulties with breathing and/or smelling properly. In all cases, surgery can often open up nasal passages so that the patient can breathe without difficulty. The following discusses some of the many health benefits to having nose reconstruction surgery that people aren’t often aware of and don’t really think about.

Breathing Easy

The ability to breathe and breathe properly is crucial to good health and quality of life. However, the only way most people come to know that they are NOT breathing properly is through their physician or surgical specialist. For patients experiencing issues like a deviated septum, chronic sinus conditions, a small or extremely narrow nasal passage, snoring, and having a crooked nose, breathing can be extremely difficult. However, with rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction, these conditions can be ameliorated or eliminated to restore breathing. In turn, a domino effect begins to take place.

Good Night Sleeps

Another direct benefit to having nose surgery that opens nasal passages and improves breathing, is the ability to have a good night’s sleep. There is no better feeling than waking up from a sound sleep through the night, knowing that you’re refreshed and well-rested.

Daytime Energy & Mental Clarity

Another effect of improved breathing is a person’s ability to receive more oxygen into the body and body systems throughout the day. When the body receives optimal levels of oxygen, we have more energy and are less prone to chronic fatigue. Furthermore, oxygen into the brain and blood stream can result in improved mental clarity. As such, it’s important that patients see a specialist like Dr. Patt in Houston when they aren’t able to properly breathe through their nose.

A Big Boost of Self-Confidence

Of course, there are also instances where nose reconstruction is largely an elective surgery. Many people are extremely self-conscious about their nose, which is the one of the largest and most prominent features of the human face. Worries about having a nose that is too big, too small, crooked, too wide, or hooked, can wreak havoc on self-esteem and lead to psychological strain. However, a well-executed procedure can provide mental as well as physiological benefits to patients who want to feel more confident about their appearance. In turn, patients who feel that they have a more aesthetically appealing nose, tend to blossom personally, socially, and professionally.

Start with a Professional Consultation

Whether nose reconstruction is needed to alleviate a physical impairment or a cosmetic concern, the key to a successful rhinoplasty is to start with having a comprehensive exam and consultation. For nearly 20 years, Dr. Patt of the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery has provided advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques for patients considering nose reconstruction. With informative educational resources and professional recommendations conducted through patient-centered consultation, patients who choose Dr. Patt can make an informed decision about rhinoplasty, or other surgical and non-surgical options that will work best for their situation.

To explore your options, own your look, and experience all the hidden health benefits of a great nose job surgery contact Dr. Patt’s office for an appointment at 281-552-8111. Or for your convenience, schedule your consultation online now!

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January 25 2018 |

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