While there may be mixed opinions on plastic surgery, there’s no denying that it has become more popular over the last decade, and will continue to rise in popularity. Yet, with this rise, and for those seeking surgery, there comes a vital question- "What should I look for in a good facial plastic surgeon?" This article will address that concern, and much more, to help you make the best choice.

Nowadays, there are various reasons why men and women opt to seek the expertise of a facial plastic surgeon. Common reasons consist of a need or desire to…

  • Correct congenital defects, or malformations caused by accidents.
  • Eliminate possible medical health challenges- such as vision, or breathing limitations.
  • Enhance certain qualities of the face that are simply aesthetically undesirable to the patient.
  • Reverse or prevent the signs of aging in one’s appearance.

While some reasons can be strictly health-related, most people seek plastic surgery to enhance their appearance, and boost confidence and self-esteem; all of which, in turn, can help patients feel happier in their own skin.

Unfortunately, not all facial plastic surgeons are created equal, so do your homework to be sure to get the best possible care and results. When it comes to finding great facial plastic surgeons, like Houston’s Dr. Bradford Patt, it’s important to understand required training.

The education requirements of a facial plastic surgeon are the same as other surgeons, meaning they must go through medical school and receive the same training and degrees. During residency a plastic surgeon will specialize in his or her expected area of practice (such as facial surgery), and then obtain their medical license in whichever state he or she chooses to practice. This, on top of the years of experience and possible awards or recognitions, are what you will want to consider when looking for a surgeon.

It is equally important to note that a practitioner who specializes in cosmetic surgery may have just chosen to focus on cosmetic enhancement, while a plastic surgeon can focus on reconstructing defects or normal appearances/functions.

When looking for the right facial plastic surgeon, pay attention to things outside of education and specialization. Look for testimonials, positive reviews, ratings, and before and after photos, to get an idea of the surgeon's skill and past successes. Speak with various offices to get a feel for their cleanliness, professionalism, and patient care service. You will most likely be paying a decent fee for the surgery, so you will want to work with a surgeon who is not just capable, but very skilled, and treats his or her patients well.

Be sure to write down all of your questions or concerns while doing your preliminary research, and then be prepared to ask these questions when you speak to the surgeons or their staff. Ask to see licenses and photos and testimonials. The best offices, like HCFPS, will be happy to answer your questions, and provide anything you need to feel more at ease with making your big decision. It may be wise to speak with several clinics in order to compare and contrast each option before making a final decision.

You should schedule consultations with at least a few offices. As these are akin to any other medical consultation, you should expect to be greeted by a receptionist and asked to fill out a new patient form with specific information about your health history. You may also be given a brochure or two with some basic information about the procedures offered, and the practices of that particular office. Be sure to review these if you have time while waiting, as they may answer some of the questions you have prepared.

Once called, you may be taken on a tour of the facilities, and some questions may be asked about your health history, the procedure(s) you are seeking, and why. These are all important for the surgeon to be able to make the best recommendation(s) for your needs. You will see a nurse, the surgeon, and perhaps have a chaperone for the visit. They are there to make the experience as comfortable and informative as possible.

After you have done your homework, and have met with a few surgeons, take time to compare and contrast your options, and then pick the best facial plastic surgeon for your needs. Your homework and careful planning will ensure that you are happy with your choice, and help you feel confident about the possible end results. Ultimately, you want to ensure that your decision, and steps taken to have plastic surgery, were time and money well spent.

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