Today’s facial plastic surgery procedures can improve your appearance in many ways. From repairing physical defects and medical conditions, to providing a rejuvenated look and improving self-esteem and confidence, Dr. Brad Patt in Houston offers today’s most popular facial plastic surgery procedures. Three of 2018’s top plastic surgeries include nose reconstruction, the eyelid lift, and the facelift. Read on to learn why these procedures are so popular.

Nose Reconstruction

Formally referred to as rhinoplasty, this facial plastic surgery procedure enhances and aesthetically improves the shape, appearance, and/or functioning of the nose. While cosmetic rhinoplasties can give patients more definition or improved facial symmetry, a reconstructive nose job can resolve breathing issues or correct disfigurements. Dr. Patt performs nose reconstruction via the open or closed end technique, depending on each Houston patient’s condition and surgical need.

Types of Nose Jobs:

  • In an open rhinoplasty, an incision is made in the part of the patient’s nose that connects the nostrils. The incisions are barely visible, and the open approach is commonly used where extensive reconstruction is required.
  • In a closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made inside the nostrils; the exact placement depends on the parts of the cartilage and nasal bones to be altered. This technique ensures invisible results, and is preferable to many patients.

Either way, nose reconstruction is still one of the most common plastic surgeries performed to date.

Eyelid Surgery

Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is a popular procedure that may include the upper lids, lower lids, or both sets. In a blepharoplasty procedure, extra fat and skin are removed from specific areas around the eyes in a measured, safe manner. It is an ideal procedure for those with sagging skin around the eyes, as well as for under-eye bags and a tired sleepy look about their eyes.

Eyelid lifts provide a refreshed, rejuvenated, and vibrant look to the eyes. Patients report satisfactory enhanced results where they look more youthful, awake, and “bright-eyed”.


A facelift or rhytidectomy is a comprehensive way to treat sagging skin and facial wrinkles brought about by the aging process. Procedures can range from a minimally invasive ‘lunchtime lift’, to an extensive surgery with a longer recovery time. A facelift with Dr. Patt removes excess skin, tightens the underlying muscles and tissues, and repositions the skin of the neck and face. Facelifts can correct marionette lines, mid-face sagging, double chins, and jowls; and they’re why thousands of women and men opt for them each year.

Common reasons patients consider a facelift.

  • When they feel that their face doesn’t reflect their energy level and youthful spirit
  • When sagging skin can pose social or career problems
  • When signs of aging begin to show but the skin is still relatively elastic
  • When time has taken its toll, and people no longer feel or look like themselves

Before receiving a facelift with Dr. Patt, patients go through an extensive exam, assessment, and consultation. They are made fully aware of all that must be taken into consideration, such as risk factors, best medically recommended options, and financial obligations. Dr. Patt also helps Houston patients set expectations to a realistic level while learning what to look for over time.

Schedule a Consultation

No one likes to look older, and Dr. Patt’s facial plastic surgery procedures can help you keep or restore a youthful and vibrant appearance. For more information on rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, or facelift procedures, call Dr. Patt’s office at 2815528111, or schedule a consultation online.

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