Some people believe that facial plastic surgeons are miracle workers with the power to transform the features they dislike into camera-ready perfection. There is a lot that surgery can accomplish to restore youthfulness or improve appearances, but it’s not designed to create miracles or solve life’s problems. Surgery is always a risky endeavor, and no one can promise that side effects will not be a concern, or guarantee end results. Before undergoing any procedure, people need to understand everything about the surgery, as well as the person performing it.

Understand its Potential

Magic does not happen in the operating room. The main goals of a Houston facial plastic surgeon, like Dr. Bradford Patt, will be to improve the problem area and boost the patient’s overall appearance. Bone structure, age, and the condition of the skin all play a role in what is possible through surgery. Reconstructive surgery following an accident will provide improvement but cannot always return people back to their pre-injury appearance. Surgeries intended to make people look more youthful cannot instantly turn the clock back 20 years.

Consider Their Recommendations

Facial plastic surgeons are experts in their field, and are the best possible resource for what is currently available to meet any need. They often have alternative suggestions for their patients regarding procedures that would provide a more satisfactory outcome than patients request. Listening to their advice will almost always result in a better experience.

Know the Options

A specific health history or current physical condition may exclude some patients from undergoing surgery safely. Impulsively contacting surgeons until one is found that will perform the procedure could lead to severe complications. It is better to discuss other options with a reputable surgeon, than to rely on less reliable doctors willing to take any level of risk with the health of their patients. Plastic surgeons offer many non-invasive procedures. This solution may provide comparable results in a safer manner.


Dr. Bradford Patt of the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, is an example of a board-certified and experienced surgeon. Dr. Patt and his team offer many non-surgical procedures and surgical options to correct and improve a patient's appearance. Specialized training, education, good communications, and many satisfied patients are what people should look for when searching for help regarding their own surgery.  Call (281) 649-7170 today.

March 28 2017 |

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