As our youth culture continues to dominate society, having a facelift has become almost a right of passage as we age. If you are considering having a facelift procedure, it is important to do the homework needed to select the doctor who is right for you.

The first thing to know is that there is a difference between a facelift and a general plastic surgeon. Both attend medical school and then are trained in surgery. A general plastic surgeon will spend five years training in general surgery; following up with about three years of whole body plastic surgery- including face, neck, breasts, chest, legs, feet, hands, and arms. A facial specialist will spend a couple of years studying general surgery, and then spend up to four years training specifically in head and neck surgery, which will include facial reconstruction.

This means that, from the beginning, a facial surgeon will have more knowledge and experience in performing procedures related to facelifts. Therefore, their work is more likely to be positive, resulting less likely in leaving unwanted facial scars or other problems- none of which can be covered up with makeup or clothing. These specialists also should have a superior sense of aesthetics and natural beauty.

When you are considering a plastic surgeon, whether they are a facial specialist or not, there are a number of questions you may want to ask each doctor before making a final choice. In addition to finding out about their years of experience, and number of operations they’ve performed, ask about their success rate. Researching patient testimonials is also vital to validating their performance and success rate.

Ask if the doctor thinks that you are a good candidate for the type of procedure you want. Ask what are the risks and what type of recovery to expect. Most important, find out if they will be available for questions and follow up after surgery in case a problem arises. Dr. Patt would love to answer these questions for you. Contact us today!

January 19 2016 |

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