Patients often walk into a plastic surgeon's office to request a rhinoplasty procedure without actually having a realistic idea of what this surgery entails, or what they can expect. They want a nose like their favorite TV celebrity or movie star, and won't accept anything less; and unfortunately, once the procedure is done, they eventually become dissatisfied and want to blame the surgeon. There is only so much rhinoplasty can do when it comes to reconstructing the nose. However, patients who understand what a nose job entails upfront, will be much happier with the end results.

What Rhinoplasty Can Do

Don't assume nose reconstruction can solve every problem, although this procedure can ultimately result in a nose that blends in better with the other natural aesthetic features of your face. During the procedure, the surgeon may make the nose straighter, shorter, or narrower, depending on how the tip, hump, length, or width of the nose should change. Functional defects, like a deviated septum or enlarged nasal turbinates, can also be surgically corrected with the help of a facial plastic surgeon. A medically necessary nasal surgery, like a septoplasty, which helps improve breathing and overall nasal functioning, can often be combined with a rhinoplasty. Yet, you should know that most insurances will only cover the medical septoplasty portion of the procedure. Overall, consulting with a skilled Houston surgeon, like Dr. Bradford Patt, is vital when it comes to helping you determine if a nose job would be the best option for you.

What Rhinoplasty Cannot Do

Just because a patient saw a nose that he or she believes is nice, doesn't mean that reconstructing the nose to look similar will work, especially if it's not proportionate with their face. This kind of surgery also cannot alter the basic structure of your nose, nor will it override genetics. Having strong cartilage, good skin, and healthy tissue helps to yield best results. Finally, patients should understand that rhinoplasty, or any other plastic surgery procedure, will not cause others to accept or love them because they look better; nor will it solve any deep underlying self-esteem issues that a patient may have. Ultimately, with full understanding after a medical consultation with Dr. Patt, patients can make a sober and more informed decision.

Take the First Step

Contact Dr. Patt at the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery to learn more about rhinoplasty, and what it can and cannot accomplish. Like most great surgeons, Dr. Patt will provide a thorough examination, medical information, details on realistic expectations, sample work, as well as answer all your questions during the initial consultation. The more comfortable you feel going into the procedure, the better it will be in the end.

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June 20 2017 |

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