The Many Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeons are skilled in every aspect of physical changes. Whether it is body contouring, breast enhancement or altering facial features, most clients are enticed with looking younger and firmer. Some are...

How Technology Improves Plastic Surgery

Anyone familiar with plastic surgery is likely aware of the many advancements that continue to be introduced in this field. Due to the ongoing technological advancements within this particular industry, plastic...

Many Reasons For Plastic Surgery

For those who are thinking about plastic surgery, it is common to have multiple questions and concerns about what the procedures entail and if the procedures are right for those individuals.

Plastic Surgery For Men

Men all over the world are looking to improve their appearance to get more confident and attract the love of their life. Appearance is just as important for men as women, and finding a good Houston plastic surgeon is...

Shed Light on Skin Discoloration with IPLT

When discussing  common cosmetic skin procedures, most techniques consumers use to cover up dark spots, uneven skin coloration, and dark veins are only temporary. Cosmetics disguise the effects of injury or age, but...

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 24 February 2015 |

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Common Reasons For Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Experiencing facial disfigurement can be difficult, but many patients have options for correcting their issues. With the help of a trained surgeon, many instances of an abnormality can be repaired. Some people are...

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