Differences Between Botox And Facial Fillers

Both facial fillers and Botox are effective techniques used to rectify signs of aging. Their prevalence and popularity have vastly increased over the years. However, though they address specifically different issues,...

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 14 August 2015 |

Tags: botox, Cosmetic Surgery, facial fillers

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Can Botox Treat Cellulite?

Cellulite is a common problem among women who typically seek out various treatments in their determination to eliminate its unsightliness. It's commonly found on the thighs and buttocks areas of the body; but also on...

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 30 July 2015 |

Tags: cellulite, Cosmetic Surgery

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Blepharoplasty Recovery Time

Blepharoplasty, the surgical reconstruction or repair of the upper or lower eyelid, is a procedure that is most often performed on an outpatient basis. It usually takes less than two hours; and after a period in the...

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 23 July 2015 |

Tags: blepharoplasty, eye lift, Cosmetic Surgery

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Electrolysis used to be the preferred method for hair removal before laser hair removal existed. Both methods require numerous treatment sessions, however they differ in many ways.

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 06 May 2015 |

Tags: Cosmetic Surgery, Laser Hair Removal

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Teenage Rhinoplasty

One of the most common plastic surgeries performed each year is rhinoplasty. You may consider rhinoplasty for a variety of reasons, but some of the most common ones are to reshape or restructure what may be perceived...

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 24 April 2015 |

Tags: teenage rhinoplasty, Cosmetic Surgery, Rhinoplasty

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Things to Know About Blepharoplasty

One of the earliest signs of aging in both men and women is a "puffiness" or tired appearance around the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelid surgery can ease the bags under the eyes in addition to removing the heavy skin...

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